cellular vitality supplements

I've been taking these supplements for several months now and I feel so much more energetic. My afternoon cravings for ice cream and pizza have disappeared, and my body just LOVES exercise these days. If you're in the market for a very high-quality nutritional supplement, I can recommend this as the best one I have ever tried.


When you get the supplements, you'll be able to order free essential oils, too!

Big perk!



Made from sawdust from the lumber industry in B. C., this is a profoundly grounding and clarifying oil that I use every day to help with symptoms of anxiety. It is one of the most sustainably produced oils in my doTERRA shop.



This oil is made from the resin found in the bark of the frankincense tree. It is one of the most precious and the most versatile oils - if you only buy one bottle, I recommend this one! It's another grounding oil. I put a drop between my eyebrows before meditating, and I use it on my face before bed.