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Your website can be a sacred space.

Your website can be a sacred space. a space where you feel safe to speak boldly and truthfully. In fact, the entire process of building this space should be a 


Your website is a sacred space.

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"You have magical fingertips."

— A Client


Let us take up the pen and write your song together.


Unearth your hidden light.

California natives Petra Frenkel and Gordon Byun are passionate about pickles. Gordon was raised on a steady diet of kimchi in a traditional Korean family. Helping his mom make the spice mixture and prepare the vegetables, he learned from the best. Petra blames her pickle obsession on her parents who migrated to SoCal from New York. Dissatisfied with the L.A. pickle ecosystem, her parents made kosher pickles at home. Petra became a bit of a pickle-snob, but thinks that everyone should eat delicious things, so it’s really more of an egalitarian snobbery.