VIDEO: "We Belong Here: How to achieve true inclusivity in the tech sector"

Rachel Jean-Pierre, a Black Lesbian, & Rebecca Woodmass, a Queer Non-Binary Human  offer their unique insight and perspective to move our tech communities beyond band-aid solutions and into the thrilling discomfort of embracing the unknown and allowing the beauty of humanity to challenge the very foundations upon which our startups, nonprofits, and corporations are built.

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Vulnerability Magic: One Year Sober

Inspired by a little silver plastic chip in my pocket that said “Women in Recovery” on one side and the serenity prayer on the other (and my phone full of new numbers), I found a desire within me that I hadn’t even known I wanted until I stepped into that meeting. I wanted myself back.

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WritingRebecca Woodmass
Using Your Voice Again: A Plan of Action

Let yourself rage against all the reasons you stopped using your voice. Rage against money, capitalism, the lie of meritocracy, the optimism of youth, the institutions that lulled you into passivity, the warnings you did not heed, misogyny. Shame, emotional abuse, trauma, microagressions. Sore throats, lies. Shed your tears for all those moments of connection you lost because you did not sing. 

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